Welcome to the Waterfront Tavern

The original structure located here on the beautiful Juniata River was built as a residence in the late 19th Century. In response to post war prosperity and America’s increasing demand for alcohol and entertainment, the residence was converted to a local bar after prohibition. Until 2001, it has remained so under various ownership.

New owners recognized the area’s need for a higher level of quality food service. The old, flood damaged structure was then converted into two levels of casual dining along with an extensive riverfront deck offering relaxing views.

The Waterfront Tavern is striving to meet the higher expectations of food quality and service that Central Pennsylvanians deserve. Fresh fish and pasta sauces, aged prime beef, all served in a tranquil setting by a group of dedicated people that sincerely want to enhance your dining experience is our daily regiment.

Central Pennsylvania is changing and the Waterfront Tavern embraces this change by continuing to raise the standards that are typically only found in large metropolitan areas. We appreciate your support!

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday 11am–10pm
Sunday: Closed
Lunch served 11am–4pm
Dinner served 4pm–10pm